Uche madu

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uche madu is the WoRsT !!! he will DRaG the CaSe - spend your money --- & will NoT inish case

he spent aLmOst ten 10 years on divorce case !! --- & it is still NoT done.

he has lied cheated scammed thru the entire case & caused loss of property - refused to submit documentation.

he would not aggree to a settlement so he could dragg the case on as long as possible.

the case is StiLL not completed even though an agreement was finally reached after the money was spent and almost gone.

the judge asked them not to take up to the two 2 months allowed to finish final paperwork - so instead it has been over twelve 12 !!



Uche Madu and his partner John Edozie are the worst!!John Edozie worked on my personal injury case for 10 YEARS!

All he got me was a 1000 bucks for my injury..and he wanted 2 take a third out of that for his fee..Unbelievable!! They are the worst lawyers in the bronx. They don't return your calls and have untrained people working in that office who are clueless.

I also heard about them hiring illegals and paying people off the books!They should be shut down!!


I can just imagine what his other clients go through.He also took my money and didn't do the work.

When I asked for a refund he made up some *** excuse. He kept me waiting for MONTHS and finally he returned half of my money on a immigration case.

What is even more funny and worse I heard he hires illegals to work for him.And pays them in cash.

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